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Shawn founded Shawn Fisher Design in 2000, although he's been drawing, designing, and creating his entire life. With an expansive repertoire of past and present clients, Shawn brings over three decades of experience to the table.

Any design project begins with understanding - understanding what you need, what you want, and what your home means to you.  Shawn begins every new project with the goal of understanding exactly what our clients want, whether they are able to voice it or not. Often times, Shawn takes what a client says and reads between the lines, resulting in even more satisfied clients at the end of the process.


Shawn Fisher

Shawn is founder of Shawn Fisher Design. Over the course of 30+ years, Shawn has been designing homes for various clients across North America. Even at home, Shawn is always creating, whether it be painting, drawing, or building sculptures. Shawn is passionate about his family, art, and living life to the fullest. He and Hayley are always dreaming up new ideas on how to make SFD even better.

Shawn's wife, Heather, is the glue keeping SFD together! In her spare time, she's rendering some of our projects, doing furniture projects, or remodeling their home.

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Hayley Garrett

Hayley is Shawn's daughter and the office manager at Shawn Fisher Design. She loves meeting both new and previous clients, and having a small part in bringing their dream to life. She loves working with her dad and keeping his work life as organized as possible.

Hayley loves spending time outdoors with her husband, Hunter, and soaking in as much sunshine as much as possible. Whether it's reading, playing with her dogs, hanging out with her chickens, Hayley loves being outside. Hunter is a full-time fireman and AEMT at our local city department and an avid hunter in his spare time.

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Shawn is an artist and works with all kinds of media - he paints, draws, sketches, and sculpts. Check out his art website!

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