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Hand-drafted door + wall detail by Shawn Fisher.

Our Story

Where It All Started

Shawn founded Shawn Fisher Design in the year 2000 in Augusta, GA. Eventually, his path led him back to Tennessee, where we now work as a family business based in Crossville. Designing homes all over the US & Canada still keeps us busy doing what we love.

Our Team

Our Team is comprised of Shawn, his wife, Heather, his daughter, Hayley, and our cousin & interior designer, Kacey. Working together as a family is one of the beautiful things we love about Shawn Fisher Design.

Shawn Fisher Art

When Shawn isn't designing, he's creating another form of art, whether it be pen & ink drawing, abstract painting, or working on his '53 Chevy Bel Air. Shawn is an artist everyday, and that's reflected in every home he designs.

Black and white, hand-drawn lighthouse cottage by Shawn Fisher.

Shawn Fisher Art

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